September 13, 2005

Play Time

The girls started a little playgroup class today. It's their first "organized activity" and I feel like it was my official portal into the "mommy zone." However, I immediately broke protocol upon arriving at the Community Center. (Is there a guide book or something on these things?) I had the room number so I figured you go to the room. Uh, no. That isn't what you do. You wait in the lobby until the teacher comes to get you. Who knew? Well, I guess every single other mother -- and father -- did but who's keeping track!

Paul was with me which was really helpful. It's going to be a bit more challenging when I go next week by myself. The first part of the class is "directed free play" which means the kids run wild from station to station while the parents run after them trying to make sure they don't steal toys from the other kids or get hurt. Michal and Kenna don't usually do the same thing at the same time so it will be interesting to keep one from falling off the slide while stopping the other from throwing balls of chalk across the room -- both real examples from today.

This afternoon it was really warm so the girls played at their water table outside. They really like splashing themselves, each other and anything else they can find to get wet!

It seems strange that it's still so warm in mid-September but it will be cold soon enough!

I learned today what happens when you give a baby a water bottle to play with and it leaks all over her lap and soaks into her diaper. Her diaper then doesn't hold what it was intended to and pee runs down her leg!

Just a little baby fun fact!

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