September 4, 2005


The girls think Da Da is absolutely hilarious. I will admit he's pretty darn funny but they think he's an absolute riot!

It really doesn't matter what he does either. He can tickle them, throw them in the air, make faces at them or even just pretend to poke them, and they'll laugh hysterically. Michal especially starts laughing so hard she's almost choking on her giggles. It's pretty funny!

The girls both have decided that peek-a-boo is a really great game. They learned how to play after we read the "Pat the Bunny" book. They especially like it if they have on a dress or a long shirt that they can pull up over their faces. They also try to grab other babies' dresses and play peek a boo with them. Not all other babies are amused when they do this though so I have to watch and make sure they don't go up to complete strangers at the park and lift their dresses!

Thankfully, they're only interested in playing the game with other babies and not adults!

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