September 2, 2005

Have you ever had one of those days?

Today was one of those days! I spent an hour getting the girls all sunscreened, swim diapered, dressed and ready to go to the Splash Ground. We're walking out the door and Michal gets one of "those looks" on her face. Yep! I had to take off all her clothes, take off her bathing suit, take off the swim diaper, change her diaper and then put it all back on.

We get to the Splash Ground and it's closed even though it's supposed to be open. Oh, it seems that everyone who works there is a college student and they forgot they would all go back to school. Hmmm... While we're at the Splash Ground I go to my swim bag that's hanging on my stroller to get my camera and it's not there. Now my bag hasn't left the stroller and I haven't taken the camera out and I know I put it in there. So I decide I must have left it at home.

We leave the Splash Ground at 11:45 a.m. and I decide to drive through and get a salad. Well, in the drive through, I look back and Kenna is sound asleep! Gads! And now it's lunch time. I get a salad and make Michal a bottle. Once I add water to her bottle I realize it has no formula in it, only cereal. So I make a second bottle and decide to let Kenna sleep. I know if I go home she'll just wake up so I decide to drive to the framing shop to pick up the peasant paintings from China I'd dropped off to be framed. I wake Kenna up, give her the watery-cereral-and-peaches bottle and put both girls in the stroller. Michal promptly steals the bottle from Kenna and she doesn't protest so I don't intervene. We schlep though the store to the framing center. Oh, guess what? My stuff isn't done. Did I mention that it was supposed to be done on August 24. The lady says, "Oh, we're really busy and I haven't gotten to it. All I can do is look at her and ask " Do you know how hard it is for me to get here?"

OK, so now Kenna has had no lunch so we go next door to the grocery store and I buy formula, cereal and baby food to make her a bottle. I load the girls back in the car, make Kenna a bottle and start driving home. My salad has now gotten warm and icky so I drive through Taco Bell and get a burrito. I have Radio Disney on full volume and I'm singing and clapping like a mad woman to keep Michal awake. No one sleeps on the way home and I think there's a chance they'll both take their nap. Oh, how foolish I am! I get them both out of the car and stand them on the driveway. Michal stops at the back of the car and pee is just pouring down her leg! I guess those swim diapers don't do a heck of a lot! I scoop them both up and just as we get to the back door pee starts pouring down Kenna's legs and my skirt and legs too. I put the wet-but-no-longer-dripping Michal down and carry Kenna to the changing pad. I strip her down, toss her clothes aside and then realize there are no wipes in the basket. AHHHH! I put a new diaper on her, get the wipes, catch Michal and diaper her and then take her upstairs for her nap. She goes right down, is sucking her thumb and is nearly asleep. And then in a truly rookie moment I get greedy. I think this is the day that Kenna will still take a nap even after sleeping in the car. Ahh, foolish, foolish mom. What was I thinking? I take Kenna upstairs, put her in her crib and she promptly stages her own three-ring, jumping, laughing, bouncing circus. Of course, this made Michal decide that she wasn't going to take a nap either. So, I made tactical mistake number two. I went and got Kenna and left Michal in bed hoping against hope she'd go to sleep. Well, she screamed and yelled until I finally heard a loud crash followed by I'm-really-hurt scream. I ran upstairs and she was in a lump against the end of the crib. At that point, I surrendered and got her up. She squealed in delight. I wish I could say I was equally as happy.

Oh, and my camera really is gone. I'm going to call the Police Department to file a report tomorrow.

The photo above is of Michal at about 4:00 this afternoon. This is what happens when little ballerinas don't nap.

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