September 8, 2005

A Girl's Just Gotta Jump!

I don't think anyone actually needs to teach you to jump. It seems to be one of those things that every child just instinctively knows how to do -- for better or for worse!

A week or so ago Kenna figured out that not only could she jump but if she held onto the side of her crib and jumped she could jump pretty high. Michal, our ever-sensible child, didn't want in on any of Kenna's fun and games at bedtime and instead went promptly to sleep . . . that is until yesterday. She decided that the jumping looked pretty fun after all and if done in unison with Kenna is just pure joy.

So now both girls squeal in delight when I take them to their room for their nap or to go to bed at night. They don't even pretend to lay down and wait until I've left the room. They start jumping the minute their little feet hit the mattress.
The first day their crib acrobatics lasted more than an hour. Now they'll just jump for a few minutes before going to sleep. Maybe they figured out how tired they were when they didn't get their whole nap or a good night's sleep . . .

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