August 19, 2005

We sure like these Grandma and Grandpa people! Can we keep them?

Kenna has decided that Grandpa is a really great playmate!

She finds him, grabs his finger and then "walks" him through the kitchen, into the dining room, through the hall and back to the kitchen. She then takes him over to her Leap Pad and holds his finger and uses it to push the buttons on the toy. The grand finale is that she takes a finger on both of his hands and spins around in a circle. Then the whole thing starts over again. It's absolutely hysterical.

The best moment was when Kenna let go of Grandpa for just a second and Michal moved in and grabbed his finger and took him away. Kenna looked so shocked as if she was thinking, "Hey, he's MINE! What do you think you're doing?"

Grandpa is very patient and let's her drag him all over the house by one finger. I think he'd actually do just about anything she wanted him to!

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