August 22, 2005

We have lots of aunts and uncles, don't we?

We made an unplanned trip to Salt Lake City for the weekend to see Eric's grandmother. The girls were so good on the plane and did a great job of sitting still for the three-hour flights.

Eric is one of five kids and it's really rare that they are all in the same place at the same time, but on Saturday four of the five of them, and their families were together. Eric's older brother, Paul, came from Phoenix and his mom came in from Missoula too so almost the entire family was together.

It was fun for the girls to meet all those aunts, uncles, cousins and their Grandma Marilyn! We stayed with Eric's younger brother Brent and his wife Emilee and the girls loved their house and all of their fun toys. They also thought their cousins Miya and Foster (pictured above) were pretty cool too!

We all went to see Grandma Tolman on Sunday and also saw Eric's Aunt Shari and her daughters Stacy and Stephanie, and Stephanie's husband and their cute son.

Michal and Kenna are Grandma Tolman's 39th and 40th great grandchildren! She was very excited to meet them and they were excited to crawl all over her in her bed.

It was a quick trip but we're glad the girls were able to meet more of their family!

Kenna, Kristi, Grandma Marilyn and Michal

Miya, Kenna and Michal playing with a remote control car.

Grandma Marilyn and Kenna

Michal and Grandma Tolman

Grandma Tolman, Kenna and Eric

Emilee, Stephanie and Kristi

Greer and Kenna

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