August 24, 2005

Trouble and Twins Both Start with a "T"

This is what happens when the pantry accidentally gets left open.

I really don't understand why the pantry is so much more appealing than the toy basket that sits two feet outside of it, but it just is. If the pantry is open even the tiniest crack, one of the girls will figure it out, get it open and find the Tupperware bin with their bottles in it. The bottles then get banged together, rolled along the floor or just thrown over their shoulder. Then they move on to the shelves where they find their plastic bowls. The bowls make great drums or cymbals and make a really fun noise when they hit the floor. If they're really lucky, they'll manage to get the containers of fruit puffs off the shelf before I stop them. Those containers make noise when they shake them, which they just love.

If they both get to the pantry at the same time, they can have the bin dumped and be clearing the shelves before I even notice they've gotten in the pantry. Even one of them alone can start clearing the shelves pretty quickly!

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