August 17, 2005

Grandma Jan and Grandpa Dick Come to Visit

My parents came yesterday from Arizona to meet their granddaughters!

The girls nap every day from 1:30 to 3:30. When Grandma and Granndpa arrived about 3:40 the girls were still sound asleep. We all kept peeking at them sleeping, waiting for them to wake up. (Kind of like watching a pot of water and waiting for it to boil!) At 4:00 I finally went in their room, made a little noise and they both woke up -- crying! Not too smart on my part. What is it they say about never waking a sleeping baby?

After they stopped crying though, they thought Grandma and Grandpa were pretty neat! Plus, Grandma and Grandpa came with toys! One of the toys they brought was a bucket with a lid that has four holes on the top in four different shapes. It only took Michal a few minutes to figure out how to pick up a shaped block and put it through the right shaped hole in the lid of the toy. Kenna was more excited to bang the block on top of the lid just to hear it make noise. She later got the putting-it-through-the-correct-hole thing down but how they approached it was really indicative of their personalities. Michal is our sit-back-and-take-it-in-slowly girl while Kenna would rather plow through things as quickly as possible.

Today we went to the zoo. The girls have now been three times but this was the first time they really showed any interest in the animals. Kenna was waving madly to the polar bear -- who, as a point of interest, was green due to algae growing in his fur which isn't actually white but clear and hollow -- and she thought he was pretty funny because he was batting a white plastic cube around his polar bear grotto.

At the pinaped exhibit Michal put her face inches from the glass and didn't move when the walrus came right up to the window so the only thing separating the two of them was glass. It scared me but she just kept looking at him until he swam away. Maybe she'll be a marine biologist some day.

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