August 4, 2005

Eating out . . . or at least trying to!

Yesterday morning I took the girls to brunch. It's amazing how things that use to be so simple, like going out to eat, are now really complicated. The girls did great though and I actually glanced at the newspaper during a moment that they were distracted. We walked around for a little while after eating and before nap time.

Tonight we tried to go out to dinner. The girls weren't bad, just a little antsy so we ended up leaving before we even ordered. Each time they made a peep, we were getting "those glances" from across the room. It was clear that our fellow diners weren't really amused by the girls playing tug-o-war over a book. I guess we need to start going to more family-friendly restaurants!

The girls share their mom's passion for shoes! They love to carry around flip flops or any other shoes they can find sitting around and today they found my sandals and put them on and clomped around in them. They also love their squeaky shoes! If Michal is at all crabby, all you have to do is put a pair of squeaky shoes on her and she'll happily squeak around the house.

Today I took the girls to a cute town south of us that has lots of cute little shops. Once we were there though, I quickly realized that nearly every store has stairs to get into it. (Note to store owners in charming little towns: If you want people in wheelchairs or people with strollers to come in your store, you need to have a ramp in addition to the stairs.) The couple stores we were able to get into had very narrow aisles and our stroller is anything but narrow. We did fit just fine in Baby Gap though! We also ate lunch and the girls did great!

This afternoon we went to the pool. My neighbor Erin came with me to help with the girls. Both Michal and Kenna love the pool and Michal even kicks the minute you hold under her arms with her feet behind her.

Both girls are now saying the word "duck." It's as clear as can be and so cute! There are ducks in books we read, ducks on a video of kids songs they like and ducks every night in their bathtub so I guess it's made an impact.

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