August 10, 2005

Blow me a kiss.

When we were in China we taught the girls to blow kisses -- sort of.

To show them what to do, we would put our hands on our mouth, kiss and then blow. So they promptly did the exact same thing . . . they'd put their hands on our mouths, wait for us to kiss their hand and then pull it away.

Well, they've now gotten the WHOLE concept and are blowing kisses from their own mouths. Most of the time anyway!

Erin, my across-the-street neighbor, watched the girls today so I could go to the Farmer's Market.

When I came home Erin took the girls on a walk and Michal fell asleep in her stroller. I've learned, the hard way, that if either of the girls falls asleep -- even for five minutes -- in their stroller or car seat, they won't take a nap. Somehow they think the five minutes they slept counts as a nap.

Well, true to form Michal refused to take her nap. She laughed and played in her crib for nearly an hour before I went and got her up. The poor thing was so tired by dinner that she could hardly keep her eyes open!

We went to an outdoor mall this afternoon to walk around. It has really beautiful gardens. Kenna decided she couldn't possibly ride in her stroller though -- don't ask me why -- so I ended up carrying her and pushing Michal in the stroller. To say we were a spectacle is an understatement!

I finally took them to Gymboree and let them squeak through the store for awhile. I figured with the kids t.v. they have blaring in there, no one would notice.

Between no nap for one and lots of activity for the other, the girls were exhausted and were falling asleep while we were reading books.

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