August 8, 2005

Go baby go!

The girls didn't like the grass at all when we first got home but Michal will now willingly sit and walk, and even sometimes run, on the grass. Kenna will sit on the grass but freezes like a deer in headlights when you stand her on the grass.

We took the girls to the zoo again. We arrived right when the zoo opened which was great because no one was there yet and it wasn't too hot. We spent most of our time in the inside Family Zoo. The girls spent an hour running in a circle chasing each other, or just running to run. It's making their shoes squeak that's the real motivation!

They did show just a smidge more interest in the animals this time. They both liked the armadillo in a glass cage that was running in circles like, well, a caged animal. Kenna petted a guinea pig very carefully with just one finger and both girls loved the birds that would come up to the window right at their height.

We made an attempt to let them finger paint in the art section but the lure of the shoes was just too much and sitting still wasn't on their agenda. A girl's got to go, go, go! They did like putting on the "official zoo keeper" shirts and pushing around the brooms and dust pans.

This is the girls running through the Hamill Family Zoo. Kenna is in the front, just rounding the corner, and Michal is behind her.

Michal, the Zoo Keeper, looking eagerly for the lemurs that weren't in their cage and were instead outside!

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