August 15, 2005

August 13, 14, 15 - Home

The girls get funnier and funnier as the days go by.

They now have decided that just about everything is a telephone and should be held up to their ear while they say their version of hello. It actually sounds like "ma-ahh" but they've decided it's hello so who am I to argue? They talk on shoes. They talk on stacking cups. They even talk on invisible pretend phones. The real highlight is if I let them hold my real cell phone! If the phone rings, they immediately "answer" whatever they have handy to bring up to their ear. And, if nothing is handy, they'll just answer an invisible phone.

They both still love their squeaky shoes and immediately run when they have them on. Michal has also figured out that if she walks on her tippy toes she can make the squeaking stop.

I try to not let them "squeak" in places that aren't child-friendly but no matter where we are, people always stop and comment about their shoes. I'm sure some people look at me and wonder if I've lost my mind since I purposefully let them run around making noise. Others laugh and comment that I must have gotten the shoes to keep track of them.

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