August 12, 2005

Oh those Wiggles.

When we were waiting to travel to China, I was talking to my friend Kelly and told her my girls weren't going to watch Barney because I thought it had to be the single-most annoying show ever made. She laughed and told me I better never say never.

Well, we've only been home a few weeks and the girls have already seen Barney. They like Barney but it's really the Wiggles that they love!

If you're the parent of a preschooler, or a child who was a preschooler in the not-too-distant past, you know all about the Wiggles. For those of you without a preschooler, the Wiggles are four Australian, forty-ish guys dressed in Star Trek-like outfits that dance and sing along with their costumed friends: Wags the Dog, Dorothy the Dinosaur, an Octopus named Henry and Captain Feathersword, a Pirate.

Their songs are totally goofy. Their dancing is over-the-top. In short, everything two little girls would love.

The girls' favorite song is called "Hot Potato." Here's the gist of the lyrics . . .

hot potato, hot potato, cold, spaghetti, cold spaghetti, mashed banana, mashed banana. (Banana must be pronounced with an Australian accent so that it rhymes with Nirvana.) Each catchy verse has a hand motion that goes with it and the girls stand in front of the t.v. and try hard to do the hand motions and the little grapevine step that the Wiggles do. It's pretty funny to watch!

I've learned the hard way that silence is never, ever a good sign. I know when it gets too quiet, someone is doing something they're not supposed to. So today I could see Michal but Kenna had disappeared -- and it was quiet. I looked and looked for her and finally found her in the bathroom floating flip flops in the toilet. In her defense, I did accidentally leave the door open and flip flops do look an awful lot like boats . . . I'm just glad they were Eric's flip flops and not mine!

Kenna has become a really great eater. She loves to "help" us feed her but her aim isn't terribly good! We like to call this shirt "sweet potato tie dye."

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