August 2, 2005

August 1 and 2 - At Home

The girls are sleeping through the night! (Cue dramatic music here.)

Kenna has been sleeping 12 hours straight for nearly a week and Michal has now gotten the hang of it too. Both girls were up at 6:15 a.m. this morning though, which is way too early for their night owl mom! Because we were up so early, we went on a walk before it got too hot. We walked to my friend Sandi's house so she could meet the girls. (She's pictured below holding Kenna in her backyard.) Sandi is also a mother of twins!

Each day the girls figure out more things they can do. They've unfortunately discoved the dishwasher and can't believe their good fortune that something that is just their height opens up and is filled with really great treasures! We learned that we can't turn our heads even for a second when Michal grabbed a glass out of the dishwasher, threw it on the floor and then proceed to try to pick up the shards of glass from the floor.

Things are falling into a rhythm now and the girls seem to feel more comfortable with each day that passes. We received them three weeks ago today! The time is just flying by . . .

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