July 31, 2005

Swimming and Dim Sum

Yesterday we took the girls to the swimming pool. We put them each in Speedo one piece bathing suits that look like wet suits and have "floaties" sewn in the middle of the suit. The minute we put them in the water the suits floated up around their chin so they both looked like pink turtles. We ended up ditching the suits and let them swim in their diaper instead.

Last night we had our first real babysitter. We were only next door at a BBQ, and the girls were already asleep, but it still felt like a big milestone!

This morning we met Chris, Ileana and Sophie; Joe, Regina, Kate and Julia; and Kim -- who is waiting for her referral for her daughter Ella -- in Chinatown for dim sum. Today is Ileana's birthday so she organized the outing.

It was really wonderful to see everyone! It was also funny since nearly the exact same group met in Chinatown not long ago and Joe and Regina were the only ones with a child.

Boy have things changed!

This is Chris and Ileana with Sophie at The Phoenix Restaurant where we had dim sum.

The photo below is of Kate, Joe and Regina's older daughter, with the girls who are madly trying to escape their stroller.

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