July 14, 2005

Medical Exam

This morning the girls had their Visa pictures taken and had the required medical exam. Because they will both leave China with Chinese passports and as Chinese citizens, the US government requires they have a medical exam prior to receiving a Visa to enter the United States.

As soon as we land in the US though, the girls will both be American citizens!

The medical exam is often called a "three ring circus" and consists of three stations -- one where they listen to their heart and lungs, one where they weigh and measure them and one where they look in their eyes and ears and test their hearing. They both passed with flying colors!

Michal weighs 23 lbs. and Kenna weighs 20.3 lbs. It sure feels like a lot more after carrying them a few blocks!

On the walk back to the hotel from the medical clinic we stopped in a couple stores and bought them squeaky shoes. (Squeaky shoes are little leather sandles or mary janes that squeak when the walk.) We also bought them some traditional Chinese outfits.

You can see in this photo how completely underwhelmed they both are about shopping -- not to mention hot and sweaty.

We attract attention everywhere we go because people are fascinated that Michal and Kenna are twins. More than once an older woman has grabbed one or both of the girls' hands and looked at their palm and then given us the thumbs up sign. We've been told again and again that twins are "lucky" or that they are "double happiness." We couldn't agree more!

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