July 27, 2005

I've hit the wall . . . hard!

If you've ever wondered how many nights a person can go on four hours of sleep, the answer is five! I now don't believe for one minute that Martha Stewart only needs that little sleep!

Last night at about 6:30 p.m. Eric was playing with the girls downstairs so I decided to check my e-mail. I woke up an hour later with my face on the keyboard.

Being up night after night with the girls, coupled with jetlag, had just finally taken its toll on me. I went to bed at 7:30 p.m., was up for a couple hours with Michal and then slept until 7:30 a.m. this morning. I still am feeling a little fuzzy but much better than I did last night.

My friend Sharon and her two girls, Jenae and Natalie came over to visit today. We had a picnic outside (thank you so much Sharon for providing lunch and dinner!) and her girls were so cute with Michal and Kenna. They are waiting for their baby sister from China so it was good practice for them!

Patrick, Grace and Kelly came over after the girls' nap. Patrick and Grace are great with the girls and the girls really like them too! Patrick puts the girls in a plastic storage bin and pushes and pulls them across the wooden floor. They just giggle and laugh the whole time.

We also took them over to the Vickers' house and they both went in a swing for the first time. Patrick also made Michal laugh for 10 minutes by just throwing a ball against the side of the house. She thought it was absolutely hysterical!

Tonight they figured out that they can run in a circle through the kitchen, into the dining room, through the front hall and back into the kitchen. Eric was chasing them and then they were chasing Eric and giggling the whole time. It was pretty funny.

I'm still trying to figure out all the little things . . . Like how do I carry both girls downstairs in the morning without the one I leave behind screaming her head off. And how do I get them from the car to the grocery store cart without my back breaking in the process. In time it will all come together but for now it's still a bit overwhelming.

Eric and Michal as she giggles her head off at Patrick throwing a ball!!

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