July 17, 2005


Kenna is sitting on my lap while I type this so this is her contribution to today's entry! .csddd dddd dddaaARGE\ OIIIIII94SCW WWWW XZIOJJL

We started out this morning with a visit to the CanAm (Canadian American) Health Clinic. It's located on the 5th floor of the Garden Hotel and is for foreigners. Both girls came to us sick and even after a round of antibiotics seem to not be much better so we wanted to have them checked. While we were there I asked the doctor to look at my throat and it turns out I have tonsilitis so I'm now on antibiotics too!

We completed all of the US side of the paperwork today and were given the girls' Chinese passports. Our guide will get the girls' US Visas on Tuesday which will give them permission to enter the US. Their Chinese passports will only be good for the flight home since neither China nor the US allow dual citizenship.

Tonight we had dinner with the Lashins at Lucy's in the Park. Lucy's is bad American food but somewhat of a right of passage while you're here. The restaurant was filled with screaming babies and the funniest part is that I'm just used to it now. It will actually seem funny to be in restaurant at home without all the commotion.

The other half of our group arrives tonight from JanXi, where they received their babies. We're excited to see everyone and meet the new members of their family.

I put together a little video of Eric and his girls so you can see them in action! You can get to it from the China Journal link.

These last two pictures of the girls were taken in front of Lucy's and you can tell they both had just had it! They were hot and tired and stuffy but still cute!

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