July 18, 2005

A Cruise on the Pearl River

Today we went shopping -- again! -- and I just love the reaction we get from the Chinese people when we're out and about. People always look at the girls and some will ask, "twins?" or "som bo tai?," while others will just look at us and smile. We're also asked if the girls are going to America. My favorite question though is, "Are they Chinese?" It's really like nothing I've ever experienced before.

We also walked along the Pearl River today, which surrounds two sides of the island. There were people playing majhong and cards and people ballroom dancing.

The man below was part of a group that was ballroom dancing and he jumped over to be in a picture with the girls.

It's monsoon season here and just three weeks ago they had so much rain that the river flooded the island, completely covering the swimming pool at our hotel and flooding the lobby. We haven't had a drop of rain since we've been here which has been really nice.

Tonight we went on a boat cruise on the Pearl River. We gave the girls bottles on the boat and Kenna barfed up her whole bottle all over Eric. If you haven't smelled formula as it drys on someone's clothes, let me tell you that it's not a good smell. Kenna immediately smeared it in her hair so she stunk to high heaven and Eric stunk to high heaven too.

Michal absolutely loves books. We have a basket of toys in our room and the first thing she usually picks is a book. Tonight she grabbed a book and "crab walked" around the room using it as a slide. Each day the girls do more and more things. Michal learned to blow kisses today and Kenna is starting to answer to her name. It's really amazing to watch how quickly they learn!

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