January 1, 2004

The Nursery

I have to admit that decorating the nursery was a highlight for me! First, I went to store after store to find the perfect fabric. I wanted something girly, but not too prissy. Something youthful but not babyish. Something timeless but not tired. I finally found a large floral with bright pastels that I just love!

Once I found the fabric I decided the walls had to be pink. Eric thought they should be yellow but I was committed to pink. Well, the pink was just awful. I tried my darndest to like the pink but after two weeks of squinting at the walls, and grimacing every time I did, I had the room re-painted yellow. I guess the lesson is to listen to Eric huh?!

We purchased the paintings above the crib and dresser in China. I really love them! They're called peasant paintings and we bought the four above the crib in Beijing and the one above the dresser in Guangzhou. Sadly, the girls will need to move to a "big girl room" once they're in twin beds since I picked the smallest bedroom as the nursery. (I didn't know we were having twins at the time I picked which room would be the nursery.) But that's OK. I'll enjoy their tiny nursery for now.

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